Indigo des Sélénides

colt born on june 25, 2018

bay silver or red chocolate



mother: saddlebred horse (English mother, father SF)

father: Rocky Mountain


available on booking


for sport, leisure or reproduction


His physiognomy- his personality

Adorable foal, bay silver, a rare and shimmering color.


Expressive, harmonious, Indigo is already a great charmer, who exudes a certain charisma. He is curious, cuddly, rather posed. He trots in an aerial and raised manner.


He is well built, muscular and he will not be small!


His life at Home

Indigo is raised in a herd after being alone with his mother the first few weeks. They were joined by two young mares and a Shetland, who tolerates, with patience, his needs foal expression!


Indigo is a relatively independent colt who does not hesitate to get away from his mother to follow us. Pearl, his mother, while caring for him, leaves him his independence.


He begins to bond with Sookie, our two year old Rocky.


Fan of papouilles and gratouilles, he appreciates the contact with us, the humans. I like to spend time watching and cuddling.


His Education

In my opinion, it is important to respect his development, to gain his confidence and to handle it slowly and smoothly at his own pace.

The first 15 days of his life, I left him alone with Pearl, his mother. I did not want to be too invasive to be able to soak up his mother.

Then came the time of the scrapes, the rump and gradually going up the neckline, not to mention the caresses on the limbs and belly.

We gained his trust

Then desensitization to the loin on the neck, body and limbs.

Now laying the halter is no problem or reluctance.

He walks in hand, gets into the truck and has already traveled.

He also discovers his environment and is very intrigued by obstacles ... a future vocation ?!

And above all he has a lot of hugs every day!


His Parents

His mother: Pearl, my retired jumping mare with a great heart 

His father Risky, Rocky Mountain stallion