Jingerale Sélénides

Beautiful black silver colt, black homozygotus, born on the 13th of juni

Jingerale, a really lovely colt


Jingerale, a curious, friendly colt who loves hug


He is regularly handled, at his own pace.  He quickly accepted the halter, he climbs in the truck as if he had always know that. He gives his feet very easily. 

He lives in a herd, with other mares and two colts of the same age as him.

Here are some pictures of his evolution, his life and the the way I breed my foals and my horses.  

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First Days


His first days with his mum

In the big pasture with the others mare and foals

When the foals are strong enough, they go in the big pastures with the other foals and mares. 


Human discovery

Gently and patiently, I let the foals approach us, and discover us. 

Often ,the day after birth, foals let them easily touched? Then they take some distance to create this strong bond with their mum. 



Gradually, and less or more quickly depending on their temperament, they let themselves approch again, to be scratched.

They become curious and like to come to see and smell us.


My goal is not to impose our presence, but to act in a way they can trust and appreciate us, while respecting us. 


Jingerale is a very friendly and curious foal, eveything is easy for him, and he understand very quickly. 


1 month and a half, shedding starts

His life in pictures

Jingerale 3 months old

Jingerale 4 months old

His parents: Flavie & Djedi

Djedi d'ô

His father, Djedi, stallion, black silver, EE Zn. 

from les Prés d'Allys, in Auvergne. 

a very sweet boy 


His mother, RMH, black silver, EE Zn

Some pictures here and more on her page