My family and me are living in Vendée, on the french west coast, with horses since many years.

My husband and me used to ride sport horses for jumping, but now I've stopped to do jumping and compétition. 

I spend a lot of time taking care of my horses, staying with them in the pasture. I like cuddle them or observe and photography them. 

I like also work with them without riding. 

A few years ago, I discover the Rocky Mountain, and I fall in love with them. Their nice temperament, gait and color coat, I like all that. 

I like breeding, so it was an evidence to start Rocky Mountain breeding. 

My aim is to produce self confident foals, easy, cuddled and handled while respecting their rythm. 

My family

We do all love horses and take care about them. 

Horse Life here

Our horses live together in pasture with shelter. I give them all the care they need (dietary supplement, trimming, dewormer, vaccination, ...)

We cuddle them everyday. I spent much times with them, so they can get used to many things, that are important for them to know

I always take enough time so every horse can progress at his own rythm. It's very important especially for foals, and young horses. 

I like ground work, and establish and share complicity with them. 

They are also used to be carried in a van.


my way of educating horses

With young horses, I work first in the arena, to learn them desensitization, and to establish a mutual connection with confidence and respect. 

I like also go for a walk with them in the countryside or in the forest. So they can see other things, cars, dogs, joggers, bycicle, ...

 And when they are ready, I ride them, in the arena and outside. 

Foals education

I respect the rythm of each foal, depending on his sensitivity and personnality. I try to teach them with confidence and mutual respect all the basis: halter, walking, give the feeth, see different things, to go in a van or truck, ....
The weaning is progressive, around 8/9 months. I wean the foals in the pasture, they stay together, and I remove one mother, and the another a few days later. Then they stay together with another adult. After that, I teach them also to accept to be alone also, in different paddock closed to each other. So they can see each other. 
Here some pictures to illustrate the way we do.